An exhibition at O N C A Gallery, Brighton, 16-25th March 2018 By Imogen Di Sapia Curated by Alice Clayton Music by Video by
Grace Gelder plays with the usual power dynamics within photoshoots, and works with clients over periods of time to manifest intentions, work on body issues and come to a greater understanding of themselves. After marrying herself in 2011, Grace has done extensive personal development work in order to support and investigate the idea of self-image and self-worth. Visit to see her work. For more information on Métier visit

A Production (Sally Turner - Co-Producer & Script Writer, Sabine Tyrvainen - Co-Producer & Health Psychologist): A short film (using hot sauce and a creatively spliced chilli!) to raise awareness around painful sex and vulvodynia -- health issues that affect millions of women, but are often under-reported and misdiagnosed. Video by Grace Gelder & Claire Wilkins