I documented Noemi Lakmaier's Cherophobia performance at St Leonards Church in Shoreditch. This photographic work was featured in the publication "Imagination and Potential" in collaboration with LADA (Live Art Development Agency). 

"Cherophobia is a 48-hour durational living installation. It is an attempt to lift the artist's bound and immobilised body off the ground using 20,000 helium party balloons. It is a performance and a gathering, a one-off event that intertwines people in their shared suspense and anticipation."

Images from a long-term collaboration with Imogen Butler-Cole for her piece Foreign Body about hope, healing and forgiveness after sexual assault. 

Images from The Midnight Run July 2015  Inua Ellams's fabulous project - facilitated by Imogen Butler Cole. The event started at The Bush Theatre at 6pm and finished in St James's Park at 6am. There were activities along the way led by fabulous artists and Imogen had planned an awesome route. Tickets sell out fast but I can't recommend it enough, so try and get in there early next time! 

Images from a shoot for "Memoirs of a Slutsky" by Zoe Charles (founder of  "The Cheek of it Burlesque"

Stills from "Woran man einen Juden erkennen kann" (How to recognise a Jew)

Directed by Noam Brusilovsky @ BAT-studiotheater March/April 2015

Stills from Forest - The Nature of Crisis Constanza Macras/Dorkypark

Cassandra (in development) by Imogen Butler-Cole