"I was intrigued by this workshop mixing storytelling with dressing up and self-portraiture. But I couldn't have known what a powerful effect being still and listening to Imogen's stories would have on me. Many emotions came up as I listened and connected to their themes, particularly on realising and revealing the self. Focussing on the images created through listening and later playing with the costumes and our cameras, was the perfect way to lighten and energise the deeper, more poignant connections I made to the stories. The workshop was not only creative and fun, but moving and healing. I would love to do more work in this vein. Thank you Grace and Imogen!"

Participant at Photography, Myth & Storytelling (co-led with Imogen Di Sapia)

"Thanks again for an amazing workshop. I found it really inspiring and working with so many varied people really opened my eyes to how differently we all think about the same thing. "

Participant at ""Producing the Self"

"Getting 'Wild and Out of the City' was such and amazing experience for me. The evening before the shoot I took some time to think about what outfit I would chose. I decided the part of me that I wanted to remind myself of, to remember, was my sense of freedom so I quickly hunted out something flowing and free.

The morning itself I was a little nervous, I had no idea who else was going to be there or what was going to happen, but all was good. Meeting a group of women, all of us there to remember and celebrate an element of ourselves was a so liberating.

The support I received during my shoot was just what I needed, it brought the best of me out and the fun, laughter and freedom of the day shines through in my photos. When Grace emailed me through the photos I was so excited to see the result, I'd had so much fun on the day and I really hoped the photos reflected that. I was not disappointed. The photos are beautifully and subtly edited, taking nothing of the person away, only enhancing their natural beauty. My photos make me smile every time I see them, reminding me of fun of the day and the strength and freedom that's inside of me. Thank you Grace for the wonderful experience."

Jess, London

"I didn't know what to expect when I arrived at Grace's studio, excited but hesitant, nervous. Grace put me at my ease and it was one of the most fascinating, intimate and liberating experiences I have ever had. The first time I looked at the photos, it was difficult to see myself in that way, but the more I looked at them, the more I loved them. Grace is not simply a person behind a camera, she engages with her subjects, it becomes a conversation. I can't recommend her highly enough."

Tania, Bristol

"I enjoyed my shoot with Grace. Her confident professionalism drew out my personality and allowed me to be adventurous and unconventional. Thoroughly recommended!"

Steve, London

"This experience is truly life changing and confidence building. I can highly recommend it to any couple wishing to enhance their bond. The photos, in my humble opinion are so much deeper, more authentic and much more beautiful than our wedding photos! There is something very revealing and fantastically wonderful about Grace witnessing without judgement - when one is being intimate with another, especially a Beloved. How beautiful it is to see this for the first time as a fly on the wall."

P & J, Manchester

"It feels very good to discover again my own beauty and sexiness (Unfortunately one often forgets about that or really feels "unsexy" in daily life)"

Sonia, Vienna 

"I felt powerful and alive, the experience really helped me value my body as a whole, rather than seeing parts of myself in a critical and disconnected way"

Alex, Bristol

 "It’s one thing to have someone position and contort your body into various ‘flattering’ poses and take sexy photographs of you; it’s quite another to have someone treat you as the individual you are and draw out, celebrate, and capture the inimitable expression of your sexuality."

Thea, Manchester

"The boudoir photo shoot enabled me to pose for photographs in a way I could never do myself and  allowed me to be proud of my curves and blessed shape!"

Lois, Essex

"I had a total blast!! Can't wait to get my piccies now!... would DEFINITELY do it again... With MORE props! Thanks for making it a totally relaxing, comfortable experience! " 

Gilly, Bristol